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Add 'Buy Now' button to items

  • HI There!

    I was wondering if it is possible to add a ‘Buy Now’ Button to the items like on the homepage or overviews?

    Is it possible and if yes, how can i get that to work?




    You can copy link of product put in button Buy now.

    Thank and best regards,

    I don not understand what you mean or you might not understand my question :)

    See the screenshot below, with what i mean :) Is this possible?


    Are you there?
    Can you please give me an answer so i can go fix this BUY NOW button?

    Also i need to remove the ‘Add tags’ TAB below the products, where can i do that? I cant find anything, what is strange, as there is appearantly a custom tab plugin wich is showing, but not found on installed?


    Dear TrueAngel,

    This function has not in our design, You must try custom code.
    And remove ‘Add tags’:

    Best regards,

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