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Adding extra field in product listing

  • I am trying to add extra fields in my product listing.I will show you an example

    3 core Irrigation wire/cable 0.5sqmm

    Above link shows an extra field added “Required Length Meter”.

    This product has stopped adding to “Add to Cart” as soon as an extra field is added to the product.

    Please check.

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    Can somebody please update on this request. I am waiting for an update from last few days.

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    I have updated the theme on local host and added a custom field on the product. After addition the product cannot be added to cart. Once I select the product for “Add to Cart” it is not added in cart.

    Please advice a resolution as soon as possible.

    Can you please update me on the issue that I am facing. Please let me know as soon as possible the workaround or resolution of this issue.

    Its been 2 weeks since i asked for resolution on this issue but you guys are not replying and not even trying to sort out this problem. I am not able to list my products due to this issue

    Please help.

    Hi Tom

    Can you please address this issue asap as I am waiting for a resolution from last 1.5 months.

    Looking forward to hear back from you.


    Hi ValvesDirect,
    After select variation that product and click add to cart, It still move to Cart sidebar.
    It still work normally. I checked any more time for that product.

    Sorry but i don’t understand at your problem.

    Can you clear it?

    Thank and best regards,

    The problem comes when I add 2nd option : Number of Cores. See picture. Some how it doesn’t take second variation attribute. I mean in terms of Adding to Cart.
    Wire attribute

    Please check.



    You say this product: “”
    Does it have 2 variations ? and it only show 1 variation ?

    Is that so ?

    Best regards,

    Since it is live website and product doesn’t get added to cart after adding 2nd field, I have removed 2nd variation. I want to show 2 variations. You can try on any demo product.

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