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Ajax filter works wrong

  • Hi there;

    I don’t have an animal food store but I’ve chosen your theme because it’s the only woocommerce that has Ajax filter that I could find.
    My problem is that the Ajax filter doesn’t work! when I click on a category the link in the address bar changes but I need to refresh. if I didn’t it will give me all the products in the shop.

    I have another question which file is responsible of the shop page I need to make some edits like I want to add the SKU number in the meta data that appears on the shop page ” I can do the code for it but I’m lost between the theme files and the plugin files”

    finally is there an option to make it shows 4 categories per row on the shop? or should I edit it on the code? I can do it with CSS but I guess it will be so messy so which file is responsible for it.



    Override file for hot-fix bug:
    path: /wp-content/themes/animer/includes/theme-functions.php

    Best regards,

    Hi Tom

    thanks for the fix it really helped. I don’t know if you noticed but I had two other questions out there I would really appreciate if you answered them too.


    Hi there

    I found out both don’t mind it!

    thanks a lot for your support

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