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Categories on the shop page, broken shortcodes

  • Greetings!

    Woocommerce version is 3.4.3

    I’m having several problems with your theme:
    1. Showing categories on the shop page. Action log:
    – Customize > Woocommerce > Product Catalogue > On the shop page show categories and products;
    – It’s updating in real-time and showing categories, but when I click “Publish” and reload the page it’s gone. Screenshot: Open
    2. Visual Composer shortcode “Lee Product special deal” isn’t working. It doesn’t show any products, neither with or without discount.
    3. Visual Composer shortcode “Lee Post Blogs” carousel type is broken. It’s not slider and showing post items in column, not in a row. Screenshot (with zoom 80% for better view of the problem): Open

    How can I fix these problems?

    And one more question: how can I remove “Archive” from shop page title?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best Regards,


    Hi Vadim,

    Please try follow the steps bellow to fix it:

    1. We don’t recommed use the Customize in this case, instead please use the Theme Options for best perfomance without errors.

    2. Lee Product special deal
    This element will work if the category that you selected is exist minimum 1 product that have the schedule discount. Screenshot here

    3. Post Blog
    Please make sure the element options is the same this screenshot

    4. We recommend this topic can help you about the “Archive” title issues:

    We hope this helps

    Kind regards,

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. But there is no such option in “Theme Options”. Also there is no such option in woocommerce options (which’ve been there in previous woo versions, they’ve moved it to the customizer). There is such option in editing each product category and it works, but this doesn’t affect shop page.
    Also widget “LT WC Categories” don’t show subcategories of choosen product category, only the products.

    2. This helped, but only with simple products. I suppose variable products aren’t supported.

    3. Element options are the same as in your screenshot. Open screenshot

    4. Solved with this

    1 and 3 problems are pretty crucial.

    Best Regards,



    1. The theme built with Theme Options.
    Navigate Dashboard > Apperance > Theme Options.

    About the LT WC Categories widget. Please try drag it to the Product Sidebar with the some options as this screenshot

    3. Pleas make sure the Post Blog is 1 Row
    Please try to change this option and check it again

    We hope you can get it.



    1. Yeah, I know where theme options are, but what I’m trying to say that there is no such option to show subcategories in theme options.

    3. Post Blog is 1 row. I think I found where problem is. Screenshot
    If I delete blog post info from template file it’s fixed, but there is no info then.



    1. Exactcly, this elements is only built for the parent categories. The subcategories don’t support in this case.

    2. Good.


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