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Fatal error in product variations (not resolved)

  • Hello everyone,
    I got the serious problem. I have added some variations for the product in the way described in Woocommerce doc. Just open the page and you will see the following problems:
    1. You can decrease number of products by clicking “minus” button. And minumum is zero.
    2. If you try to add zero number of products to your cart, you will succeed in. But before you succeed in, you will get the alert. Please see the screenshot below.
    But once you choose a variation, all is going to be alright. It means, that you cannot decrease number of products to zero.

    Please, see:


    Hi romanshkola,

    We tested a lot of time in the Chrome, Firefox, etc. But when we clicked to the minus button, The quantity is 1, it can’t jump to zero as your video.

    Could you try in the different the browsers or computers?


    Kind regards,

    If you want, you can reinstall template. Do whatever you want, but I need my website being stable and workable. I have payed money for this template, which doesn’t work correctly.

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