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Few bugs Techstore

  • Banner from homepage its not responsive if its only image.
    Back to top not working.
    Woocommerce files from theme its very old. In this situation if a product (on product page) has variations with different image and an user select that variation, image its not changing accordingly
    Any solution?

    Everything else seems to be perfect, good job.



    Please send us more screenshot details about the banner is not responsive, the product link issues.
    And send for us your FTP access and admin site information?
    We will check it for you

    p/s: Remember switch your reply to the Private status.

    Kind regards,
    Leetheme team

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    The variations color product issues, Scroll to top need fix by the coding.
    Therefore, please leave your FTP access and admin site informations here.

    We will check and fix it for you.


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    We’ve fixed your site with details as bellow:

    – Bottom to Top Button: FIXED
    – Change variations color switch: FIXED
    – About the new issues – Sorting:
    We detected you have some new sorting index. You need review again allthing that you custom this one. Or restore sorting from the start to fix it.
    It’s available at techstore/wp-content/themes/techstore-theme/woocommerce/loop/orderby.php

    We hope this helps!


    Hello, first of all thank you for your time, i know its weekend and im sory for this.

    Whit banner i think i will install revolution slider, what u think, it will work to integrate it?

    Second whit this bug of sorting, its not a coding problem its about ajax.
    I found out that if i refresh the page, sorting appear again and working, so the ajax its not refreshing page or something like that. Any clues?
    Active filters have the same issue.

    On your demo, ajax its on? Its seems that sorting its working, can u give me your code?

    PS if ajax off, sorting its working but filters not, because its unavailable with ajax off

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    We recommend this manual can help you about this issues.

    Coupon Management

    We hope it useful with you.


    In checkout process, its missing input with voucher code. I know how to generate a coupon.


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