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How to add "Compare" & "Wishlist" round buttons to Product page?

  • Since the round buttons for “Wishlist”, “Add to Cart”, “Quick View” only pop in for products on the Owl-Carousel, how do I add just “Wishlist” and “Compare” round buttons for the Product page?

    Please advise soon. Thank you.


    It were only effected by css (display: none) in detail product, because they don’t have our design.
    you need bug by browser, they under button add to cart

    Best regards,

    I see. It will be great to put YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin into good use.
    I’ve tested it, and it appears to appear as a popup frame. It looks alright.

    If your developers have a solution to this ticket, please let me know.
    Otherwise, I’ll need to spend some time figuring out the solution for myself.

    Thank you in advance.

    It appears that “/altotheme/includes/theme-functions.php” has the “lt_product_group_button” function.
    This function is used in the WooCommerce “content-product.php” template, which displays the navigation buttons.
    In addition, this template refers to “/altotheme/woocommerce/customs/product-group-button.php” that generates the

    To my surprise, in the Product page, the “Wishlist” and “Compare” links are hidden. Also, they don’t have any CSS styles to them. What a huge disappointment!



    In our design of altotheme, don’t have compare or compare button.

    And wishlist btn has been style as in design.

    Thank and best regards,

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    I decided to appear this issue different, and I managed to get it working.
    What a relieve …


    can i have few words with you please?

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    Our theme was build with framework,

    Compare alway exists in it. but our design for alto don’t have compare, also it do not style.

    I’m sorry.

    Best regards,

    I can work around your current theme, and towards to workable solution.
    So far, I’m quite happy to receiving your support and using your theme although there are still some bugs here and there.

    Keep up with the improvements.

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