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Lee client doesnt work and WooCommerce categories are messed up

  • Hi,

    In Visual Composer the Lee client element does not change when I save changes.

    The Woocommerce categories are huge and not usable, can this be fixed? Example:

    Can you tell me where the source file for the social links is? I can see the theme does not accept link changes, but I would like to try and code this in the source file.

    Thank you.

    I can’t change the topic to private, so please do this then I will supply you with the login to backend.



    To answer your questions:

    1. Lee Client removed in this theme.

    2. Follow the steps bellow to fix it:
    – Download and unzip this file
    – Copy override to theme-folder/woocommerce/content-product.php
    – Try again.

    3. The social elment is available in your-site/wp-content/plugins/lee_framework/shortcodes/share.php

    We hope you can get it.

    Kind regards,

    Hello John,

    That was certainly a fix. Yet I advise you to remove the animation you have on the %s items section of the subcategories, since it coincides with the title of the subcategory. I will try to fix this by setting up Lee Banner’s instead of subcategories, since I only have 3 subcategories. But for others this might not be a functional fix.

    Also can you provide me with the source file for the css for the buttons? Please see attached screenshot, where I can’t change the text color because there is a !important tag on the text color already set. Please see linked:

    Please help. Thanks.

    Also where do I find this for translating? I can’t seem to find these sections in .po files in Loco Translate.

    Please see linked:



    To answer your questions:

    1. Button style is the primary color and you can setup in the Dashboard > Apperance > Theme Options
    About the source: Navigate theme-folder/includes/dynamic-css.php

    2. You can find the .pot language file is theme-folder/languate
    Please use this .pot file to build PO file

    We hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    I fixed the button issue, had to change the background color, since the !important was still avaible on the button text color.

    However I still can’t seem to find the text from the linked pictures in the animer-theme.pot file? Read more, by and Posted on.



    To answer your questions:

    1. About the button background: You can custom it in the dynamic-css.php

    2. We still can search the Read more text in the .pot file.
    No problem. We recommend you should search the theme source about the text string and edit directly by your language.

    We hope you can get it.

    Kind regards,

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