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  • Hey there, please can you assist with the following two issues:

    1. When viewing the site on mobile devices, the menu is blank.
    2. When viewing the site on mobile, the Lee Products VC module displays products in a grid (two products on a screen next to each other instead on 1 at a time) but on the shop pages, it just shows 1. How can I get it to two just like the VC item?


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    1. The menu displayed with the Off-Canvas style on the mobile layout. Please click to the Menu icon a the Top Right position to show it.

    2. Follow the steps bellow to enable 2 columns product on the mobile layout:
    – Download the custom file at

    – Unzip and upload override to this path: theme-folder/woocommerce/loop/loop-start.php
    And try again.

    We hope this helps.


    Hey there, thanks for the response.

    With regards to the first point, I am well aware of how the menu works however, if you visit the site on a mobile phone and click on the button that opens the off-canvas menu, it doesn’t show and menu items, it is just blank.



    I tested OK with the iPhone and Safari browsers
    The menu is working when i click on the menu icon off-canvas.

    Please check it again.


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