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Mini cart tax – Urgent!

  • Hi,
    My shop shows the prices and has Tax added. In the cart and checkout it also displays prices with Tax. However the mini cart does not display the price with TaX? This does not look good on our website if the mini cart is displaying different prices that all the other pages.
    Could you please look into why the mini cart is showing prices ex Tax please?


    This is urgent.
    I have had to take down our online shop until this is resolved. Currently the store is making me 0 money until this is resolved.

    Looks like the mini cart.php may need to be edited.
    Can you get back to me today on this?



    You can modify in file: /wp-content/themes/techstore/headers/includes/mini-cart-sidebar.php

    Best regards,

    Do you know what I need to modify in this file so the price displayed in the mini cart includes tax?


    Go to line 14 => 24 override html div class=”small-7 large-7 columns”:

    <div class="small-7 large-7 columns">
    <div class="mini-cart-info">
    $price_show = apply_filters('woocommerce_cart_item_price', $woocommerce->cart->get_product_price($_product), $cart_item, $cart_item_key);
    echo '' . apply_filters('woocommerce_cart_widget_product_title', $_product->get_title(), $_product) . '<div class="cart_list_product_quantity">' . $cart_item['quantity'] . ' x ' . $price_show . '</div>'; ?>

    When you click on the shopping cart the totals inside are now working.
    However on the header where the mini cart is, this is still displaying the total without tax?

    Do I need to amend another php file?

    Also since the previops change the images in the mini cart are not lining up?
    Could this also be looked into please?

    Also just noticed I can no longer remove any items from the minicart.
    I now need to go into the cart to remove which is a pain so can this also be looked into please?

    If it is easier I can DM you the password to connect onto this site?

    Any news on this? As it stands our site is still down until this is sorted.

    Could you get back to me ASAP on this please?

    I have resolved this myself

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