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Problem with photos

  • Hi, I have a problem

    I added a photo post to the blog … the problem is that the photo is not set correctly even though it is the same resolution as the hot

    The image is the same resolution as the image but still displays differently

    I attach a picture with a problem



    You need use image has size: 9 x 2.5
    Or custom css: add css:
    body .blog .entry-image img {
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

    Best regards,

    Tom thanks :) everything works as it should.

    Enjoying the opportunity I have to ask you. Unfortunately, I ended up supporting your Techstore theme.

    I bought a plugin that automatically issues auctions on unfortunately one very important plugin plugin does not load.

    I disabled all plugins, only completely disabling the Techstore theme makes the bookmarks appear.

    Plugin developers blame your theme, and for the sake of the following:

    “The theme should recognize that it is in a Custom Post Type edit and not attach a visual editor to it.”

    Can you help me with this? Its very important for me

    Purchase codes



    The purchase code above is not avail in the system.
    Please check it and open the new ticket at Techstore forum. And tell us your issues with the more clearly description. We will support you.

    Kind regards,

    The problem is that support for techstore has ended …

    I’m not sure if the problem is on the side of your theme so you do not see the zen prolong the support

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