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Problems with Sticky Header

  • Hi,

    The last year I made the following question:
    “…I´ve activated the “sticky header” or “fixed header” (I don´t remember), but when I stay on the top of the web on desktop mode, part of “the sticky header” hides te top of the page. You could see this problem on the following link:…”

    And you solved this problem with the following answer:
    “…2, add code to end file style.css:
    .fixed-header-area{top: -200px;}…”

    But after the last theme update, this solution doesn´t work for me, so I don´t know if there is another solution. For the moment I´m not using the “Sticky Header” because it´s hidding the signin/register link.

    Thank you in advance.



    Do you want show or don’t show the sticky header?


    Yes, I want to show the sticky header, but I don´t want to hide the top of the page with it.

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