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Product page image visualization

  • I had a different ticket opened for this but it was not further answered.

    I had to put the site on hold due to a domain name change, now the site is:

    I followed the first steps you gave me which was remove the “easyzoom” text from the next code lines in order to have the product image centered:

    the issue is the next: only first image is centered, second image appears with a different size and product variations do not change for main product, only visible on thumbnails. Link in bottom

    ALso what would be the way to add a custom background for the product window? so i can upload png transparent images and always see same background

    example of issue:

    Let me know if there is another detail you need to know please



    We are sorry about replied you late.
    To answer your questions:

    1. About the Zoom images:

    We’ve checked your site and the “easyzoom” is exist.
    Please make sure you removed 3 easyzoom class as this screenshot

    2. About the Product Background:

    This feature is not available in the theme default. We are sorry about that.

    We hope this helps

    If you are satisfied with this support interaction, please rate it 5 stars at
    Working together, we’ll support build your site better.

    Thank for the answer, yeah i need to remove the third one, it works now as expected except for the variable products

    The variable products are not shown as they should, the dropdown bar should change the product image according to the selection but the main image remains, that would be all I need to have it working fine with a centered image

    thanks, by the way I dont remember if i rated the product, i will double check and give you a good rating, thanks for the support!

    UPDATE: I changed the code back to normal cause I needed to do some tests with variable products, which were not working when removing the “easyzoom” text from the code lines .

    I still need to have the image centered and be able to switch the main image using woocommerce variable products

    example url:

    Hello, I still dont get a response

    I deleted the “easyzoom” text again from the code as you told me but still cannot see product variation images:

    Astronaut Yellow

    So far the images seem all centered including main and gallery images, thanks for that!



    Have a nice day!
    Could you summary your issues again? And tell us what’s your issues exist?


    Sure, so after removing the 3 “easyzoom” texts from the code lines you told me, the image was centered succesfullly but now product variations do not show their main image:

    As the screenshot shows, no matter what option I choose, it doesnt change colors like it did before changing the code.

    Let me know if theres another questions, thanks!

    hey, I am stil trying to have te product variations visualization, it is still not available

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