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Product page image visualization

  • Hello, i have liked the theme so far, however i noticed that on the product page, the image of my product is not centered, is a square image. What could i do in order to adjust the viewport so the image is shown from the center and out, instead from lef to right, right now the far right side of the image cannot be seen and that is what makes it not centered
    URL to example:

    Astronauta color Morado

    Thanks! and great work!



    Please try this way:

    – Open theme-folder/woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php
    – Remove the easyzoom class as this screenshot bellow:

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    I tried removing the class, I am wondering if i did it right. I tried two ways:
    1.comment only the lines where the classes are
    2. comment start from the first class and comment close at the </div> of second class

    i attach pics to let you see the outputs and the changes i made

    so far it seems to break the single product image page

    I rated your product and support already also! thanks

    also i noticed the woocommerce setting for Display is not available on the Settings>Products section. I would like to change the order of the products and do it by name, how can I do this without the Product Sorting option




    You got some error when custom it.
    Please only remove the “easyzoom” text. Please review this screenshot

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    About the Product softing option. This is only the WooCommerce setting. Please research more about it on the internet or review this link

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    Hey sorry thanks for the previous support, I had to put the site on hold due to a domain name change, now the site is:


    Previously you helped with centering the square image in the product page, I deleted the easyzoom texts according to the pictures:

    it works initially but then the gallery images seem to get a way bigger size (which seems to be the original) and also product variations wont options do not change the main picture as it used to, it only changes in the thumbnails


    Producto Nuevo

    Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

    thanks for the support so far

    aparrently my message was not sent, but second link displays a problem upon removing the “easyzoom” text from the code according to the image:

    only first image is centered, second image appears with a different size and product variations do not change for main product, only visible on thumbnails.

    ALso what would be the way to add a custom background for the product window? so i can upload png transparent images and always see same background

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