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Product page load

  • I installed WPML

    Site is in english and spanish, I configured WPML Woocommerce Multilingual currency change for English currency to be USD and Spanish currency to be MXN.

    When I go to visualize a category in Spanish, prices show in right currency but when I got to 2nd page of category, it redirects me to and URL that displays products and prices in English currency while still showing Spanish menu

    Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
    Category in Shop: (click next page to see issue)
    URL when clicking in next page or page 2: (doesnt exist)

    I expected to see:
    The 2nd and all of the product pages showing the right currency according to the current language of the site

    Instead, I got:
    Prices in wrong currency when I navigate the categories displayed in the menu, this while being in Spanish version. Sometimes the second page doesnt laod and it remains with a blank overlay.

    According to WMPL support itsays that AJAX loading could be causing the issue. I deactivated all the fast loading options from the theme, is there a way we could improve this?

    Overall all WooCommerce elements take a while to load ):

    This issue doesnt happen with Theme Twenty Seventeen also, so might be something with AJAX?

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