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Revolution Slider Error

  • Hello guys,

    Thanks for the Milano theme, it looks very nice! Yesterday I installed the theme, installed the plugins and activated them + I imported the demo. I followed the tutorial that came with the theme zip file. The problem now is, on every page I got an:

    Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias “…” not found. Maybe you mean: ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’ or ‘slider1’

    You can check it for example on or

    For I changed the “home-slider” alias into “slider1” via editing the page, but now it gives another error:

    Revolution Slider Error: The param Slider Width should not be empty.

    How do I solve these problems?
    Thank you guys!

    Kind regards,

    Aha, I just uploaded the sliders manually (I dont know why that didn’t happen while importing the demo?) But now the sliders works. Is there anything else I have to know that is not imported correctly?

    I’ve read that you guys were talking about duplicator. You recommend that for “duplicate” the demo?


    If you could not import data demo, We can send duplicate to you.

    May be your site’s problem has solved.

    Best regards,

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