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Visual composer doesn't work

  • On Themeforest it is mentioned that last update was on 11th of April.

    What exactly was updated?


    Is there any possibility that we can just give you all the needed information so that you can install everything the way we need it and so that it will really work!???

    Our previous theme author did this for us and it was great!

    We are really really waiting for your reply.

    Because this theme is still completely useless for us for all last 2 months!!

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    Have you checked our emails history?

    1) Why do we need latest WordPress if you keep telling us all the time that Alto Theme can work only with very old WordPress version?

    We know how to install WordPress.

    2) Also, have you made any updates to the Alto theme recently? if yes, which ones?
    3)Are you planning to update this theme so that it will work with all latest versions of WordPress and Woocommerce?

    Thank you

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    How to remove “Uncategorized” category in Product Categories on the Shop page?

    We do not have any products under this category (it is empty) but it doesn’t disappear on the Shop page


    Hi ikostin,

    Please try follow the steps bellow to fix it:
    Navigate Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets has an option “Hide empty categories”.

    We hope this helps

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    I haven’t received any reply from you

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