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Want to lower desktop responsive 1024 breakpoint for child theme

  • Hi, my site is, and I want to change the default desktop responsive breakpoint from 1024 in Alto theme to 979, which is Google’s breakpoint to view the desktop version of the site in mobile chrome. I tried to replace all all 1024 to 979 in @media css for both style.css and style.min.css and then uploaded both files to the root of woodmart-child theme but the theme is now loading both parent and child style and style.min css files.

    I would like to know if you know the best way to lower the desktop to mobile view from 1024 to 979, and if by editing both style.css and style.min.css by changing all 1024 to 979 will work best, and if so how do I override style and style.min to the child theme, as of right now the theme is loading both parent and child style and style.min files causing the theme to display incorrectly. Thank you.

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