How to create Mega Menu

The following steps will guide you in defining your menus using the WordPress menu editor and Lee Megamenu. The mega menus are available only for top level navigations items only in “Main Menu” area.
Follow the steps below to create a mega menu:

Step 1 – Add a an item to the menu editor. This has to be a top level item!

Step 2 – Click on arrow icon in the top right-hand and exapnd.

Step 3 – Check the “Enable megamenu”.

Step 4 – Write in the “Megamenu columns” the number of columns you want to use (from 3 to 5).


Step 5 – Now, you need to add child menu items, which will represent columns in the mega menu.
First level of child items will represent Titles in each of 3 columns.
Add 3 sub child menu items, like on the image below.

Step 6 – Adding Widget / Image to the Menu. To do this first you need to have a sidebar set with some widget. Ex: Mega Menu Widget.


Step 7 – When you have set your sidebar with widget click on the sub child menu you want to turn into widget area ( we will turn the third column into a widget area), make sure it doesn’t have sub menu


The menu dropdown should now look something like this :